Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top 10 takeaways from Fox buying YardBarker

The four year old sports blogger network is getting bought out by Fox. Here's all that you need to know...

10) YardBarker to move offices from California to New York, so they can learn fair and balanced heartland values

9) Athlete blogging to include more NASCAR drivers, or at least people pretending to be NASCAR drivers

8) Athlete bloggers like Donovan McNabb, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Cooley will finally get some, um, exposure

7) The Yard will finally have enough money to fulfill their dearest wish -- the systematic assasination of everyone involved with Bleacher Report

6) Original four founders, after declaring themselves bigger than Jesus, to break up after Pete Vlastelica marries a difficult Asian performance artist

5) Member web sites will no longer be allowed to make fun of Jimmy Johnson's hair, Troy Aikman's closeted homosexuality or Terry Bradshaw's collection of what he keeps sadly referring to as "action figures"

4) YardBarker to no longer be accessible by people who get on the Web through a Cablevision Internet connection

3) "Fanarchy" show to be retooled to appear on Fox broadcast as an animated show, so that the on-air talent seems more believable

2) YardBarker's longtime sponsorship of "Blogs With Balls" conference now means that the event will have tens of thousands of confused Tea Party supporters

1) All 800+ members of Blogfrica are going to the Super Bowl, and Rich Old Unkie Rupert is paying the full freight

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RFS said...

Lets see if #7 can actually happen.