Thursday, November 27, 2014

Eagles - Cowboys Takeaways

Killshot Shady
> In retrospect, this game was over on the first drive, when RB Darren Sproles and RB LeSean McCoy went for 13 and 36 yards on back to back plays

> QB Mark Sanchez trolled McCoy's fantasy owners by keeping the ball on a carry when either could have scored

> It was nice of Dallas Fan to be nice and quiet during that first drive, when Red Zone Fail might have been a problem

> RB DeMarco Murray is, in fact, as good as advertised, in that he's got a knack for always falling forward

> Seeing CB Cary Williams make a great play on an out to WR Dez Bryant, then watching CB Bradley Fletcher get away with DPI on him a few plays later, was also all kinds of telling

> A better game than most for WR Riley Cooper, but I still would much rather see what WR Josh Huff can do with the snaps

> Even on a critical 3rd and 3 that could stop a drive cold, Eagles HC Chip Kelly believes in speed tempo, even when it results in having to rely on Cooper

> Sanchez to WR Jordan Matthews on the roll out, perfectly in stride, for the 27-yard TD and weekly mirage that the Sanchize is better than he is

> That capped a 7-play, 88-yard drive in two freaking minutes that honestly, no other team in the NFL makes

> This game was 14-0 in a real big hurry, and made playing defense for Green a lot easier than expected

> Either K Cody Parkey had a poor day on kickoffs, or Dallas STs were just too desperate to take touchbacks

> MLB Mychal Kendricks chased down WR Cole Beasley from behind in an impressive display of athleticism, even though it resulted in a 16-yard catch and run

> Dallas QB Tony Romo only really made one play of consequence to WR Dez Bryant today, a 38-yard sideline fly that set up a score over Fletcher

> When you watch the Eagles every week, it's kind of startling to see the other team struggle to get plays called before the play clock hits zero

> When Murray scored to make it Eagles 14, Cowboys 7, Joe Buck could not have sounded more overjoyed, though it's also true that every announcing team roots like hell for close games

> The difference today for McCoy running the ball today, versus much of the year, was that patient running was rewarded by a significant amount of pancaking from the offensive line

> When Sanchez is not decisive in getting rid of the ball, it's a sack and strip and disaster just waiting to happen

> It's so nice to root for a team where a sack and loss of 10 doesn't automatically mean two handoffs and a punt, especially when the next play after a sack is WR Jeremy Maclin for 59 cross-cutting yards

> Sanchez missed a crazy open WR Brad Smith as the Dallas defense either became very tired or their true selves

> On third and 3 from the Silver 13, Sanchez got greedy and went for TE Zach Ertz in the end zone, rather than McCoy for in the flat for the likely first down

> Between missing Smith and the McCoy/Ertz move, that's four points that a better QB doesn't leave on the field

> There are few things on this earth that are more porny to me than Bryant screaming at his teammates

> 3rd and 3 down 10 saw Romo miss TE Jason Witten to more than a few cheers from the crowd, and it became pretty apparent that the QB wasn't going to save his team tonight

> You have to love how annoyed Sproles looks when he doesn't score a punt return for touchdown on a play where he had a little room

> Dallas STs with the Stooge Moment of hitting each other to create a better punt, and were very lucky to avoid a muff

> After a healthy dose of Murray Is Good, it was nice for Silver to derp it up on third and three for early snap fail and gift sack for DE Vinny Curry

> The most important down of every Green drive is the first third down, because if they convert, the rest of the field goes like popcorn until the Red Zone

> By the end of the first half, Silver was left to frequent holds due to fatigue

> Sanchez set a career high for yards in a first half, and as it was just 200, that was a little sad

> McCoy with a convoy gets 9, and it's got to be fun to be a Green RB on plays like that

> The Eagles' idea of milking the clock is running plays where the opponent calls timeouts afterward

> I'd like to rename the Fade Pattern into the Hurl Pattern, since I usually want to do it when it's called

> Down 20-7 with a 2-minute drill and possession after the half, Silver had a chance to get back into it... but Beasley's fumble after a strip by CB Brandon Boykin killed that idea

> Not gonna lie: watching the irritating '80s rocker Beasley lip sync curse on national TV was a highlight

> S Nate Allen had a bunch of takeaways today, which might make him the defensive player of the week, despite being, well, Nate Allen

> When Sanchez didn't turn it over on second or third and goal on improv-ish looking passing plays, That Was Progress

> Third and 7 is an anxiety causing scramble and throwaway, and the third straight red zone fail

> Green had 292 yards of offense in the first half, but didn't win time of possession, and for God's sake, stop wasting the audience's time by pretending that matters

> Pitbull on for halftime Up With Everything performance that teaches America that Paul Shaffer can have a second life as a dance pop mediocrity

> On second and 1 after a Murray run, Romo looked deep for a long time with protection, then settled for Witten and small beer conversion, making me wonder if he was getting gun-shy

> DT Fletcher Cox with one of his best games in Green, and yeah, he's going to the Pro Bowl after doing that in front of a stand alone national audience

> McCoy's fumble was really untimely, and as much as I'd like to chastise the RB for it, the way RT Lane Johnson scraped him was pretty fluky

> Cox and DL Bennie Logan with the huge stop on Murray on second and 1 from the four; pretty much a four-point play

> On third and 3 from the 6, MLB Casey Matthews got to Romo for a sack, and the way this coaching staff has rehabilitated a previously useless player is huge

> Sanchez used his above average wheels to get 8 on a scramble, and did not fumble, so yay

> The QB then survived a scary shot to the head that made me wonder if we were going to have to see QB Matt Barkley (dear God, no)

> McCoy's killshot 38-yard touchdown run was one of the few times this year that the RB got to the second level and finished, and all kinds of great to see

> Fox's camera gets slammed in the post-TD celebration for Added Fun

> Being up 20 with 22 minutes left probably meant that most of America went back to awkward conversations with relatives

> Fox brought in Jimmy Johnson to talk about a 25-year-old beatdown, because this game is just getting to that stage

> Romo sacked by OLB Brandon Graham, then Bryant stopped for a yard by CB Nolan Carroll, as the back-up defenders made their bid to have highlights, too

> Allen lost an arm punt pick on 3rd and 14 on a hold by Williams that wasn't getting called the rest of the day

> When the refs let the secondaries be physical, Green wins; the sad part is that doesn't really happen in the NFL very much any more

> It's striking just how little Romo is interested in using his legs now, making me wonder if the back issue is worse than Silver is letting on

> Silver wasn't winning this game even if Romo played well, but Romo really didn't play well; when your QB throws into an area with multiple WRs running the same route, then arm punts a deep ball, that's bad no matter what the scoreboard says

> RB Chris Polk is Kelly's personal victory cigar, and going to fresh young legs deep in a game seems downright unfair

> In fourth quarter garbage time, Sanchez pump fakes on a scramble, 8 yards past the line of scrimmage, just for funsies

> McCoy's could have easily been his second fumble of the day on third and 2 in the red zone was all his fault, and needs to be cleaned up

> File under Hmm... Sanchez and Cooper getting into an argument, leading to a timeout, then Sanchez hitting an oblivious Cooper on a crossing route to fail on third and 4 in the red zone

> The Shorter Version of That; More Josh Huff Please

> Dallas KR Dwayne Harris had a lot of attitude all night, even before his ridiculous cheap shot late

> Romo had a "drive" with a 20-yard underthrow duck, a dump-off to Murray for 15, an underthrow to Bryant that allowed Fletcher to recover, missing Beasley by a country mile, and honestly, it was like Jet Sanchez was in his jersey

> Kendricks got on the highlight reel with his crush job on Murray on fourth and 1 for a six yard loss

> It's somehow even more insulting to the opponent when Green goes into Detention Mode with Actual Huddling

> Romo was hating on his coach when they punted with 6:32 left and down three scores

> No one's going to remember Polk's run on third for a near first down, but the man's got a little Marshawn Lynch in him

> The Harris cheap shot / obvious trolling fight bait would have led every highlight package if it happened against a star player

> The asshat move was penalized, but it still worked out for Silver, as the ball is at the 10, rather than as deep as if Carroll had downed it; the competition committee really needs to tweak on that

> Romo's umpteenth dying quail underthrow was another arm punt for Allen, and yeah, he's not right or not caring or not good

> Polk'a garbage time numbers got Team Rushing over 250, and that's also porny

> Huff lined up at RB and got six yards out of it, which was a little intriguing

> When Sanchez was in the victory formation, you could clearly hear E-A-G-L-E-S chants, which was fun

> Second-worst Silver loss on Thanksgiving ever... with the first also coming to my laundry in 1989, when Buddy Ryan tried to end Troy Aikmann before he even began with a still-satisfying avalanche of sackery

> Green is now 9-3, 3-0 in the NFC East, and back to dreaming about a first-round bye again

> Silver apologists in my Twitter feed want to talk about lack of rest for their team, as if (a) Green wasn't similarly stressed with a much earlier bye, and (b) the schedule just cropped up and took their coaching staff unaware

> There's still time for the Cowboys to lose out and go 8-8

Top 10 Thanksgiving NFL Ad Questions

More Pull Than Push
10) Can anything stop Geico from Push It Push It heavy frequency ads on every game ever broadcast?

9) Is Johnny Manziel known for anything but selling candy bars now?

8) If I book a flight on Southwest, will I develop an involuntary pimp walk?

7) When booking a Moses and the Pharaoh movie, shouldn't you make Moses a Jewish actor instead of, you know, Australian?

6) Can the Old Spice Weeping Mother ads get any creepier, really?

5) Are State Farm customers terrible at planning every major life event, and if so, wouldn't that make their premium levels higher?

4) If Chick Fil-A is right and beef is annoying, shouldn't we eat it out of spite?

3) Did you ever think you'd hear the words "bloody or black stool" during a commercial during an NFL game?

2) How many holiday seasons does Audi have to ruin?

1) Are all luxury cars sold during the Christmas season to people who should be the first against the wall during armed rebellion?

NFL Week 12: The True War On A Holiday

Old Saint Rush To The Bottom
Every year, social conser- vatives will bring up new points in the modern culture that show a "war" on Christmas, or Easter, or July 4, or any other holiday you can name. And this is all, of course, a great deal of hokum and bullsquat, since all of these warring moves are minor variances that can be used to stir the flock... but there is, of course, one holiday that is under exceptional attack.

It is, of course, Thanksgiving.

During my lifetime, this simplest and most perfect of holidays has gone into eclipse from the Christmas season, and now, outright class warfare. It used to be that everyone, more or less, got to enjoy Thanksgiving, since turkey was a cheap meal and no one worked. Now, turkey is increasingly rare and expensive, and more and more people have to work, because it's becoming a half-day off, or less.

Not to put too fine a point on this, but if you buy stuff on Thanksgiving, you are an asshat. You are letting yourself be bought for pennies on the dollar by capitalist stooges in a race to the bottom, and you are pretty much slapping the face of everyone who is being forced to work that day.

If you do go shopping, I hope you have a miserable time. I hope you encounter the worst that the nation has to offer, with cutthroats cutting you out in the parking lot, screaming slimebags in every aisle, the slowest and meanest customer service possible, and bait and switch pricing that makes you spend more than if you had simply shopped next week, like a person with self-respect.

It is nothing less than what you deserve.

Me, personally? I'm going to be home, watching football after a morning spent earning the time off cleaning up someone else's mess, because I'm a husband and father, and that's how it all manifests itself. If my kids and spouse help me, I'll be thankful for that. If someone else makes me great foo (they will), I'll be thankful for that. And I'll be most thankful that, for at least one more year, I'm allowed to celebrate a holiday that, if we aren't very careful, will just go away entirely within a generation. Swallowed whole by the rampaging mercantile demon of Q4.

And with that... on to the picks!

* * * * *

Chicago at DETROIT (-7)

Historically, Thanksgiving games in the Motor City are dreadful blowouts, devoid of drama, where you wonder if there could be some act of God or Congress that could end this tradition of a dull stand alone game. This year, that will all still be the case, except that the Lions will win, because the Bear defense is awful, and the Bear offense is going to give the ball up and set them up with short fields. It's just another manifestation of the tradition, really. (And it doesn't help that the Lions are smarting over the Patriots treating them like a speed bag last week.)

Lions 34, Bears 20

Philadelphia at DALLAS (-3)

For my laundry to win the game, they have to (a) control the Cowboy running game, (b) not give up massive plays in the passing game, (c) convert in the red zone, and (d) avoid turnovers. They'll do a good chunk of that, since their defensive line has been really good at stopping the run, and the Cowboy defense is not ferocious. They might even get yet another big play from their special teams unit, which is just having an absurd year of dominance. But it's hard to see how all of that happens, or that WR Dez Bryant wont' do as well as WR Jordy Nelson, or that TE Jason Witten isn't smacking his lips after seeing all of the yards that TE Delanie Walker got last week. Dallas can and will be beat -- in Philly in 3 weeks -- and they aren't going to win this division. But they are going to win this game.

Cowboys 34, Eagles 30

Seattle at SAN FRANCISCO (-1)

A de facto elimination game for these two bitter rivals, and both teams are surprisingly vulnerable. San Fran has no home field advantage, is brittle on defense, and hasn't been able to sustain a lot of offense. Seattle is bad on the road, pliable on defense, and lacking the kind of consistency in offensive line play that would let their ordinary or worse WR corps convert long third downs. They also just don't take the ball away the way they used to. I'll go with the home team in a wildly tight and physical game, with the loser getting immediately inducted into the NFC South so that the playoffs actually make sense.

Niners 20, Seahawks 17

Washington at INDIANAPOLIS (-9.5)

So the big story today is how the Slurs are benching one-time Franchise Savior QB Bob Griffin for the plucky QB Colt McCoy, a Detmer-esque talent who, unlike the star, actually seems like he wants to play football and/or perform as if he's been coached. It's the kind of move that Dan Snyder's team is great at, in that it's self-destructive, stubborn and ensures more time on the treadmill of stink that is this franchise's justly earned station in life.

McCoy does, actually, give the Slurs more of a chance in pulling off the upset, and the Colt defense isn't ferocious. But the overall talent level on this club is and has always been third division at best, and against the remorseless eating machine that is QB Andrew Luck, McCoy's just going to run out of caps for his pop gun. But with numbers that are going to be better than Bob's, for all that matters. The Slurs Are Smart!

Colts 38, Slurs 20

TENNESSEE (+6.5) at Houston

There's nothing terribly good about the Titans to justify the cover, but the festival of Meh also says that it's just too many points for a Texans club that is wasting the best years of JJ Watt's life with not enough other players on defense. Look for the roadies to stick around and cover.

Texans 24, Titans 20

CLEVELAND (+2.5) at Buffalo

One very big feel-good story against a lesser but still positive one. I like the Browns to take advantage of the short week for the previously snowbit Bills, mostly because I think the offensive line can fight the Bills DL to a stalemate. When you do that, you beat the Bills, because this secondary just isn't up to the task... and their offense doesn't have enough answers after fading rookie WR Sammy Watkins. The Brown Magic Year continues.

Browns 26, Bills 24

San Diego at BALTIMORE (-6)

Here's a secret: the Chargers might be one of the bigger frauds in the NFL. Winners of back to back games after the bye against sub .500 teams at home, they now get to travel cross-country for a 1pm game against the jelling Ravens, who need the game desperately to keep serve in the deep AFC North. Look for Team Purple to make QB Philip Rivers remember how hurt he is. A lot.

Ravens 26, Chargers 17

NY GIANTS (-2.5) at Jacksonville

Ready for another chapter in the coming out party of WR Odell Beckham, the only reason that Blue Fan isn't ready to call the year a total loss? This week, he actually gets a win to go with his fantasy-friendly numbers, because the Jags are turnover-prone with rookie QB Blake Bortles, and aren't going to be able to get enough of a consistent pass rush to cover for their sad secondary. It will be tight, and then not, and Becks will be the reason why.

Giants 27, Jaguars 20

CINCINNATI (-3.5) at Tampa

One more kitten-soft game for the We Like It Quiet Bengals, who are very good at winning 1pm games without significant television coverage, but spit the bit against actual opponents. With the exception of rookie WR Mike Evans, the Yucks aren't much in the way of opposition, and with their own shiny rookie (RB Jeremy Hill) leading the way, Orange will grind and then pop their way to a comfortably anonymous win. This is the kind of win that successful gambling years are made of.

Bengals 31, Bucs 20

OAKLAND (+6.5) at St. Louis

I don't know if you saw much of the first half of the Raider win against the Chiefs last Thursday, but the Silver and Black finally got around to giving RB Latavius Murray some carries with the game in doubt. Wonder of wonders, when you don't have spent forces like Maurice Jones-Drew or Darren McFadden clouding up things with utter lack of burst, they can actually move the ball. Murray runs too upright to avoid eventual injury, and Oakland is too cursed to have him stay good for very long, but in the short term, he makes this offense resemble an NFL team, and the defense actually has some young guys with promise. There's a mediocre team that's just ready to break loose here, and they'll cover against a similar Rams club.

Rams 24, Raiders 20

New Orleans at PITTSBURGH (-4.5)

I think the Saints are bad. I mean, really bad; lose the rest of their games bad, with QB Drew Brees qualifying as very overrated, with the coaching staff all getting run out of town, etc. They've certainly got the record to show it, and that record is even worse when you factor in their schedule. The Steelers are far from a steady cover -- I still get the shakes from that home loss to the freaking Bucs -- but they'll have more than enough to get the job done here.

Steelers 31, Saints 17

Carolina at MINNESOTA (-3)

Can any NFC South team win outside of its division? Probably not, and at this point, I think the Vikings have a pronounced edge at QB with Teddy Bridgewater. Minny's home field and defense will win this one, with WR Charles Johnson having another one of those under the radar fantasy win games.

Vikings 23, Panthers 17

ARIZONA (+3) at Atlanta

Testing time for Red, who still have a big lead in the division and an inside track to a bye... but now need to bounce back from the season's first really dispiriting loss, a mauling on the road in Seattle. Atlanta can get after you at home, and they've got some weapons on offense, but Red bring the heat as well, and they are better coached. It will be close, but they'll get it done, mostly with red zone defense. No one needs to actually win the NFC South.

Cardinals 23, Falcons 19

NEW ENGLAND (+3) at Green Bay

The weakest slate of 4pm games in NFL history -- seriously, it's just this one and the A-A game listed above -- is another de facto national game for both of these clubs, who need the screen time that way a fish needs a bicycle. Look for the Patriots to do enough on defense -- CB Darelle Revis will eliminate WR Jordy Nelson, and when you do that, the Pack just isn't the same -- to get ahead on serve, and QB Tom Brady will take this to be a measuring stick game. He's way too good in those. At least until the playoffs.

Patriots 38, Packers 27

DENVER (-2) at Kansas City

What was going to be a well set-up battle for the division is now one of those Oh Lord, Peyton Manning prime time games, with the Broncos breaking out the bully stick and Chiefs HC Andy Reid showing why his epitaph will say something about nice people and their relative finishes. I don't know if Andy is all that nice, and the Broncos aren't without flaws, but Manning has spent his life separating his team from also-rans, and that's this Chief team in a nutshell.

Broncos 31, Chiefs 20

MIAMI (-7) at NY Jets

Writing about the Jets is nearly as bad as watching them. It's nice that ESPN gives America several hours of their post-holiday life back, since this could easily be the seventh game of the weekend that people without NFL Sunday Ticket could watch. They won't watch it for long, as Miami is secretly good, and the Jets are, um, a long, long way from that.

Dolphins 27, Jets 10

Last week: 9-5-1

Year to date: 87-84-3

Career: 575-584-42

Monday, November 24, 2014

Top 10 NFL Week 12 Takeaways

Detroit and New England
10) Cleveland is now 7-4 with yet another last minute win, despite having their QB with 3 picks and 0 TDs

9) Chicago won by 8 at home despite being down 10 at the half, and being out-gained by 163 yards, because Tampa is just a turnover machine

8) St. Louis coach Jeff Fisher went to veteran QB Shawn Hill over rookie Austin Davis to avoid crushing mistakes, such as a last-minute pick on the goal line when down three

7) The Bengals won on the road again, because they are utterly dominant when it's a 1pm game where no one is paying attention

6) Seattle trucked the Cardinals at home to stay in the NFC playoff and West race, and to further prove that an unhappy Marshawn Lynch is just ruining that team

5) Peyton Manning bounced back from a poor game with a 4-TD performance, with Random RB (in this case, CJ Anderson) going for 167 yards and a TD

4) The Niners nearly lost to Washington on a day when the Slurs had only 106 yards in passing and 12 first downs, because they have that little of a home field advantage

3) New York lost after going up 11 on the Cowboys, giving up the lead, getting it back with three minutes left, and then crumpling like wet toilet paper

2) Teddy Bridgewater threw for more yards than Aaron Rodgers in a close loss, which is something for Viking Fan to hold on to, I guess

1) In a shocking development, New England crushed a talented but undisciplined team

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Eagles - Titans Takeaways

Trap Games Are Bullsquat
> Every time a good team plays a bad one, every pre-game analysis has to involve the words Trap Game, by Congressional rule

> This, of course, pre-supposes the idea that in a league where double-digit upsets are a weekly occurrence, that there is such a thing as truly good and truly bad teams

> The Titans win the toss and defer, KR Josh Huff continues the ST's magical year with a 107-yard touchdown return, and honestly, on some level, that was the game

> The rookie showed excellent strength in the straight arm to close the deal on the kicker and gunner, and yeah, that helps to start to redeem his year

> STer Brandon Graham with the close and pre-20 tackle, and yes, this is ST Dominance

> QB Zach Mettenberger was mounted on his first third down conversion attempt by LB Connor Barwin, doing his unspayed dog imitation

> McCoy for 15 on dominant blocking to the right, and honestly, any RB in the NFL can hit that hole

> QB Mark Sanchez to the crazy open TE Brent Celek for 16 cotton-soft yards, and yes, Celek is burying TE Zach Ertz with purpose

> Sanchez rolls and throws one away on a CB blitz, then it's McCoy for another big chunk of 12, with a near fumble at the close

> McCoy for 3 on jumps and jukes, then Sproles goes left and scores to continue his year of ridiculous touchdowns to touches ratio

> After Sproles scored, the Eagles have outscored the rest of the NFL, 14-6

> So, um, not much of a Trap Game, really

> Parkey with a short for him kickoff, and KR Leon Washington gets 45 yards on a lack of tackling return

> RB Bishop Sankey for 4, then 3, reasonable defensive line work on both plays

> 3rd and 3 and continue the runaway is Mettenberger to WR Justin Hunter, with clear DPI going uncalled, and if the refs are going to allow that, Green might win a playoff game after all

> The refs quickly made up for that with a phantom OPI call on McCoy that ruined a third down conversion

> This game would have been a full half of garbage time, rather than just a quarter, if PR Dexter McCluster hadn't picked up a room service hop off a muffed punt

> Blue's first three drives resulted in no first downs, and yeah, the defense was a little pissy after that Packer game

> CBS went to split screen to try to keep up with tempo, and mostly failed

> WR Brad Smith got de-cleated and hurt on a play that somehow wasn't a flag, with DPI on some other guy

> Sanchez almost had Mathews for another score, but a drop on contact took four points off the board

> Really nice game for LB Brandon Graham, who stopped Sankey for a loss of 3 by throwing his OL at him

> RB/WR/STer Dexter McCluster took a snap away from Mettenberger for a gain of three, on a play that looked ugly and random

> Sanchez's first INT of the day was bad for both him and WR Riley Cooper, who looked like he gave up on the throw

> Two plays later, Blue got back in the game on a 40-yard lucky tip to WR Justin Hunter

> Really lucky play for the road team, but just that quickly, it's a 1-play game

> McCoy went for 53 yards on great feet and acceleration, but true to his year, it didn't end with a a score or sexiness

> Sproles with his usual magic to convert a third and four, and honestly, he's just been absurdly good this year

> Blue uses RB Bishop Sankey to run back kicks, which seems like an absurd use of resources, given how he's the only good RB on the roster

> Mettenberger to Walker for 68 inexcusable yards, with LB Emmanuael Acho getting roasted, and yeah, Green misses LB DeMecco Ryans a lot

> Blue benefited from a bailout face mask on DE Vinny Curry, and honestly, if you are a QB, it makes sense to just duck and aim for face for hands when your line gets overwhelmed

> Greene gets a couple on poor tackling, then gets in with help from the heavy package, and why more teams don't do that against my laundry, I have no idea

> Thanks to two offensive plays and a flag, this blowout game is 20-14

> Huff's only kickoff return was his first one, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense

> Matthews might have the best hand fighting skills on the team as a rookie, which he showed on a cross for 20

> Third and 4 from deep figgie range is Sanchez to Ertz, who converts with some physicality

> Live play happens before a replay, which is fun; Ertz for 3 more before Griffin goes down with an ugly arm issue

> McCoy for a yard, then Sanchez to Cooper on a nice rollout, out at the 2

> Quick tempo give to McCoy, walks in for the score, and I love running plays against exhausted defenses from quick counts

> I don't know if TE Delanie Walker really is this good, but he's made himself into a player by working on his hands

> Kelly got Green another possession with aggressive timeouts at the end of the half

> The nice part about a high tempo offense is that you don't need to freak out and do different stuff late in a half

> Sanchez to Matthews, scrambles and stays alive, and converts nicely off a blitz

> Sproles made a great play to get 10 yards and out of bounds with no timeouts left

> Sanchez misses Maclin badly on an out, only to throw the exact same play again and have it work out

> Parkey from 49 missed by hitting an upright, preventing the Easy Cover for a few more minutes

> Funky turnover off a tipped ball, catch by an OL fumble and recovery by S Nate Allen, and more proof that OL should never handle the ball

> McCoy was just toying with the defenders at the close of a 14-yard run

> Sanchez's touchdown throw to TE James Casey, nice ball off play action, was the kind of throw that tricks people into thinking he might be more than a back up

> LB Trent Cole with the avalanche sack, backed up on the next play by a sack for DE Vinny Curry (wiped off with a hold), than another sack for Cole, and he's loving this game for his numbers

> I don't have much use for WR Riley Cooper, but at least he finished a play with violence to get the first before flopping like a Euro soccer player

> McCoy for 4 and 0, then Sanchez throws a terrible pick on a middle overthrow, and dear Lord in heaven, he's still Mark Sanchez

> Luckily, Blue gives the ball right back, as Sankey gives it up on pressure from DT Bennie Logan

> Sproles for 13 on a downright Matrix-esque play where he abused Titans S Michael Griffith

> It says something about how good Parkey has been this year that he looked off while going 4 for 5 on FGs

> Sanchez with his weekly near disaster on a shotgun snap, just able to throw it away, and it's amazing how a team this bad in the red zone can still score this many points

> Mettenberger to Wright on a cross for 28, sigh, this secondary

> Hunter has obvious physical gifts, but has no real clue how to use them yet

> Garbage time in this game was filled with all kinds of awkwardness, hurt feelings and head-scratching as to why Kelly didn't run clock

> Why Sanchez is trying to get Maclin for 50 late in the game with a huge lead, I'll never know

> It's as if Kelly has all of his guys in fantasy, and those on the other team, too

> RB Dexter McCluster's score ruined someone's fantasy league day

> Green actually huddled on a couple of plays late in this one, and yes, it was awkward for everyone

> Parkey's final figgie of the day from 50 was his best ball of the day, and if you had him in fantasy this week, you won

> Mettenberger finally throws a pick to CB Brandon Boykin, and yeah, not that many people left in the building to see that, actually

> 10 straight wins at home now, not that the Linc still feels like a terribly imposing place to play, really

> Green moves to 8-3, Kelly has one more I Beat Bad Teams moment, and we're all set up for Thanksgiving meaning way too much, assuming Dallas doesn't spit the bit against New York tonight